Monthly Archives: May 2015

Meet Betfair

Last Thursday (14th May) saw the inaugural “Meet Betfair” event take place at Betfair Towers, London. The evening featured a series of lightening talks from developers working on core Exchange technologies.

Topics ranged from a history of our architectural evolution to how continuous delivery pipelines are helping cut out manual process from our production deployments. There was even time for a quick maths lesson to discuss how probability is used to calculate odds and “cross match” bets.


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Team celebration of cross-market liquidity matching

When your teams create a market-leading product – we think it is important to go and celebrate…. on the river…with a speedboat!

This is exactly what our Exchange Platform teams did following the launch of cross-market liquidity matching – something Betfair talked about publicly in the half year financial results in December 2014: FY15 H1 results


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